Laptop Repair

Laptop Repair

With new technology launching in the market every day, there are a number of changes in not just the kind of devices people use, but also the way in which they use them. Laptops have become an essential for every individual in the ongoing pandemic, whether it be for online classes—teaching/learning—or for Work From Home based Jobs. So many people have upgraded to the latest technology and their screentime/device usage has substantially increased over the past year.

About Us

SV Infotech, established in 2005 as Microsense Systems and Services, works with a team of dedicated professionals and tech experts to provide you with most up-to-date solutions for Hardware Setup/Repair as well as Software Installations/Updates. With the assurance of information security and device care, we offer repair services as per requirement as well as your specifications. Our services are available in Ulwe, Nerul and Navi Mumbai. Our motto is to keep customer needs at priority and therefore provide all sorts urgent Tech Repair Solutions with the assurance of quality service so you don’t have to run multiple rounds at service centres for a single issue.

Our Laptop Repair Services

If you are using a Laptop for any of the above-mentioned reasons, you might notice an eventual slowing down of your device especially if it is of an older model with a processor that’s not used to running such long hours. Even if it is a newer device and you are facing any issues with Setting up a new Laptop, or your Laptop’s battery drains down really fast or it results in multiple shutdowns of your Laptop, it could be a sign that your Laptop needs to be looked into by a professional Laptop Repair Service.

Keeping in mind all these issues and a whole lot more like motherboard repair for Laptops, repairing damaged parts of the laptop like the screen and the keyboard or the mousepad. We also provide Laptop Repair services for water spillage, antivirus solutions and many more.

You frequently update your wardrobe, polish your jewellery or take care of the maintenance of your household appliances. Right? Similarly, regular updates and maintenance is essential for your tech devices to keep them running as smoothly as they did when you first bought them. Therefore, we also offer what is known as Annual Maintenance Contracts or AMCs to ensure device protection and update’s renewal so you never face trouble with technology.

Some of additional services are: Structured Cabling, and WAN and LAN Provisioning, along with Repair Services for other tech devices.

We have established our brand as one of the best among Tech Solution and Service providers through 16+ years of experience in the market, and have heard the greatest service reviews from our customers. We hope to offer the best of our services to you and make your experience with Laptop Repair services and more a smooth and easy one.

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